Alcor’s Aragon

Alcor’s Aragon is an old school male we purchased from Derek Matson as a puppy. We love this dog! Aragon’s pedigree lines up beautifuly with what we are doing here at Mad River Cane Corso. Because of this, he has become an outstanding stud dog, passing along his power and substance to his puppies.  Fresh chilled and fresh semen is available to approved outside females.


Alcor’s Xander

Alcor’s Hades of the Underworld

Alcor’s Tasha

Cherub’s Julian

Scandifio’s Baby Girl

Alcor’s Too

Alcor’s Cinderella

Scandifo’s Phatz

Scandifio’s Brittany

Scandifio’s Simba Solder

Scandifio’s Tobey

Bel Monte Nugget Di Scandicci

Scandifio’s Cali

Bel Monte Nugget di Scandifio

Bel Monte Bella II

CH Alcor’s Mae West

CH CastleGuard Diego

CH Alcor’s Lucianna

CastleGuard’s Teal’C

CastleGuard’s Jevelin

Cherub’s Julian

Alcor’s Ursulla II

Ravencreek’s Valor di CastleGuard

CastleGuard Tempest


CastleGuard Blue Banchesca

Scandifio’s Phatz

Scandifio’s Britnay

Alcor’s Titan di Ravencreek

Alcor’s Ursella

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