Alcor’s Smiles

Many thanks to Derek Matson for Alcor’s Smiles. Smiles has amazing structure and movement, with one of the nicest, most correct heads you will ever see. So far, we have been really impressed with his pups as have several other breeders around the country.


Alcor's Bear

Cherub's Kodiak di Cherubs

Fortissima's Nina di Alcor

Cherub's Hitman

Alcor's Lucky di Cherubs

CH Sentinel Enzo

Giavanna Ambroaia

CH Cherub's Julian

Cherub's La Face

Bel Monte Nugget Scandifio

Bel Monte Zanna

Bel Monte Butch

Sentinel Aditi Ka Liska

BJ Swan

Scandifio Sheba Swan

Alcor’s Jayne Mansfield

CH CastleGuard Diego

Alcor's Hera the Protector

CH CastleGuard’s Teal’C

CastleGuard’s Jevelin

Cherub’s Julian

Alcor’s Ursulla II

Ravencreek’s Valor di CastleGuard

CastleGuard Tempest


CastleGuard Blue Banchesca

Scandifio’s Phatz

Scandifio’s Britnay

Alcor’s Titan di Ravencreek

Alcor’s Ursella

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