Mad River’s Devilish Darling

We did not know it at the time, but Devilish Darling turned out the be a very fitting name for this wild child. Darla is as sweet as can be, and does great with other males. She also loves meeting new people. However, when a new dog comes on the yard, she is the first to let me know. She has higher prey drive, like her grandma Cat did. Darla is one of 4 Black daughters we kept back for our program. Head, structure and movement, this girl has it all!


Mad River's Sirius Black

Mad River's Bronson

Tre's Oprah

CH Mad River's Kaiser

Scandifio's Tia di Mad River

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Scandifio's Giorgio

Anita III (Tok)

CH Scandifio's Nino II

Asia Tran


Phantom Celadef

CH Scandifio's Nino II

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Nitro Della Valle dei Lord

Cat di Mad River

Sultan della Valle Dei Lord


Ace Green

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CH Molly

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Settimio del Velabro

Tanya You're The One

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