Mad River’s Sirius Black

Black was quite the amazing speciman and also great in reproduction! In fact, we kept four females out of the four litters we had with him. We also now have grandchildred and great grandchildren from him. My father always said we should have named him Henry Ford “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. Black would also produce any color you wanted him to (as long as it was Black). His athleticism was amazing, even at 150 pounds. He still moved like a cat, much like his own grandsire CH Mad River’s Kaiser. We are blessed to have had Black as part of our program.


Mad River's Bronson

CH Mad River's Kaiser

Scandifio's Tia di Mad River

Scandifio's Giorgio

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Bel Monte Nugget Scandifio

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Scandifio's Baby

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CH Scandifio's Nino

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Carreras Della Porta di Pinta

Rothorm JY Dream Kelly

Perle del Festung Kamu

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Scandifio's Baby

CH Scandifio's Armani

Scandifio's Gina

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