Cane Corso family

      Just want to say THANK-YOU!! to Mad River Cane Corso for our wonderful puppy Cato! He is a super friendly puppy that loves everyone, young and old alike. He recently completed his first course in obedience training and proved that he is a quick learner and is eager to please. He is also great with other dogs and shows absolutely no signs of aggression. Cato is an incredibly handsome dog and is loved by everyone. We are very happy with our cane corso and would highly recommend Mad River Cane Corso.






Cane Corso with BabyAfter ALOT of research, my wife and I decided we wanted another pup and decided on Mad River Cane Corso, I started with emailing Darrel, with about 1000 questions, he never became inpatient or aggravated with my constant questions, I lucked up on the timing because he had a litter that was due any day from the time we decided to get another pup, We knew we wanted a female since we already had a male who was about 8 months at the time. The litter was born and Darrel, started  emailing us the pics very soon after. We were torn between Shelby and another 1 he had there, but we can honestly say at the time we couldn’t make a bad choice since ALL of the pups were beautiful. Were setting up arrangements to travel from NJ to Ohio so we could check out the facility and meet Darrel and the rest of his pack, But  something came up and we were unable to travel there, and Darrel met  us in Syracuse NY with our pup, he was pleasant to speak with made sure we had enough food to properly wean Shelby off of what he had been feeding her to what we wanted to feed her. We drove back to NJ with her and she sat in my lap Sleeping the entire way back. Now as I stated we already had a 8 month old male who was 100 pounds at the  time, I called my wife when we got close to being home so she could let the male out and we did the meet and greet outside, then bought Shleby in the house. Now right from the very beginning we knew she was special here she was weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds and my male weighing 100, she walked right over to his bed laid down, when my male approached the bed she began barking at him as to say NO this is MINE now, and My male being the great dog he is just looked at this little pup and laid next to her and the bed that use to be his.. Now here she is 7 months old and 95 pounds what a beast she is, She has been COMPLETELY  healthy no issues at all and has the drive most dogs WISH they had. She will be trained by world Famous T Floyd who fell in love with her when we took her for an evaluation, Here is a man that is captain of  the team USA schutzhund team, so he know what he is talking about when it comes to working dogs. Darrel, my wife and I want to thank you so much for Shelby, she is EVERYTHING we wanted in a Corsi, while her drive is incredible she also knows when to be gentle. She is truly a member of this family  and a wonderful spokesman for her breed. I have people compliment us all the time on her, she has drawn comparisons to a mountain lion and a African Lioness , and they way she stalks Kobe I’m starting to wonder, what did you mix her with??? LOL The local police dept here have asked me put on a show for the kids in the  neighborhood since I NEVER have to use a leash to walk them, they know she is well trained, but it all comes back to how selective you are with your planned breedings, We are working on her  good citizenship title, she visits the senior building and they love to see her coming. What else can I say but thank you, thank you, thank  you..

Sincerely Shon and Nikecia Brown

Cane Corso family

After the loss of our beloved Rottweiler in 2006, our house did not seem like a home anymore.  We did a lot of research into different large breeds and fell inlove with the Cane Corso.  We then found Mad River.  We are located in NewJersey and had a lot of questions about how we would even get a puppy to us. The owners even considered driving the dog halfway to us as to not scare the dog.  We all decided to fly the puppy to Newark airport and our 8 week old Diva arrived to us.  She has become such a huge part of our lives.  A gentle giant that loves my children like her own and still feels as if she is a lap dog. Cane Corso family She never misses a chance to crawl up on my lap on the recliner.  When Diva turned 3 we found ourselves looking to add to our family again, of course the only choice was Mad River again.  They were excited to hear from us and again were a wealth of knowledge about adding a second dog and how they would get along.  Gemma arrived to us a few weeks later 8 weeks old and a little spitfire.  Diva was very uneasy for the first few days.  Now they are best friends who both sleep in our bed.  Yes that is right, two adults and two 100 lb dogs, lets just say it is a little tight.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, and would never buy from any other other breeder.  We found great friend at Mad River who we still call and email with questions.  They still love our dogs are are always excited to get photos to see how they are doing.  They are by far the best breeders.

Glenn and Andrea



Cane Corso family After extensively researching many breeders of Cane Corso I felt most confident with Mad River Cane Corso and Darrel Hamren.  I flew out from San Diego to look at the kennel and meet Darrel and his dogs.  Darrel was extremely patient and helpful through the whole process.  The premises were very clean and the dogs were all very friendly and beautiful.  We reserved a Gladimor and Sarabi pup and have been so thankful since.  Our dog Luca is about a year in the picture and is the most playful dog around all ages of people and any dog he encounters.  He is really a hit when we take him out.  We are so happy with our decision we plan on using Mad River as our sole breeder in the future. 

 Best wishes from San Diego, Ryan, Love and Luca


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